Discover How PolarCool and Portacool® Can End Your Business’s Heat Problem Forever!

PolarCool and Portacool® evaporative cooling systems produce massive amounts of cool, dry air. One Portacool® unit will drop the temperature of the air 12 to 20 degrees in high humidity and 25 to 30 degrees in dryer regions. This is unheard of in evaporative cooling. Because the unit operates at 78% efficiency, it can be used in areas where swamp coolers are ineffective. Portacool® evaporative cooling systems use new advanced technology and are a great answer for both indoor and outdoor use when portable air conditioners just won’t work.

No Installation Required! Anyone Can Do It.

A garden hose attached to a water supply and a normal 110V AC outlet is all you need to get your cooler up and running. No need to pay a technician to install it! We also offer a portable 50 gallon water tank for those needing complete portability.

PolarCool and Portacool® portable evaporative cooling systems come in several sizes and colors for any size application. We also offer hazardous location units for petroleum manufacturers, firemen and other companies and organizations that deal with hazardous fumes or gases.

Not only is PolarCool and Portacool® easy to use, but it’s virtually maintenance-free. These portable evaporative cooling units are efficient and affordable! They are great for places where portable air conditioners are not feasible.